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Company Profile

Werner Hartmut Altmann (Swiss)

BSC Mechanical Engineering
Technische Hochschule Innsbruck, Austria
Everite, Pentec Services, Bechtel International Technical Director for Delkor Technik Pty (Ltd)
Has extensive experience in design and engineering and responsible for all of PSS's new developments and equipment design.


Reindert Buisman (Dutch)

HNDT Extractive Metallurgy
Witwatersrand Technicon South Africa (1980)
Employment with Goldfields, De Beers Diamonds Research , De Beers Diamonds Angola And Delkor Technik Pty (Ltd)
Has extensive knowledge of screening, filtration and the use of screening and filtration fabrics.


The Company has employed experienced key team personnel:

Gerhard Kruger

B ENG Extractive Metallurgy
Pretoria University
16 years Pyro Metallurgical steel works and development manager.
Iscor Newcastle Works
Responsible for PSS Coal and Iron Ore fines benificiation - and binder development.

Patrick Crummie

BSc Metallurgical Engineering
Leeds University
Automation Project Management
SCADA / PLC Programming


Gus Basson

Project Manager
Electrical and Mechanical


Jonny Motshidi

CAD Design Officer

Dave Coventry

Mining Engineering,
Design Management
Has gained extensive Offshore Petrochemical / Oil Construction
Design and Electronic Draughting

Llewellyn Hoenselaar

Project Manager
Civil Engineering
General Projects Expediting

Mark Dornbrack

Electrical Manager
MIR and Electrical Systems

Bernice Quass

Financial Manager

Suzanne Egan

Assistant Financial Manager
Personal Assistant

Our Market

Metallurgical and Mining

PSS's main focus is on Mining and Metallurgical drying, screening and filtration.

Environment – Fine Processing Technology

Recent developments are patented extrusion and drying technology to produce hardened, waterproof extruded agglomerations for the fine Iron Ore, Chromium and Coal Industry.

Environment – Bio Solids Processing Technology

Another development is the patented processing of Bio Solids for Latrine Sludge’s, Municipal Sludge’s and Animal Waste whereby extruded agglomerations are pasteurized and dried for fertilizer resale purposes.

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